97 Award-Winning Mexican Wines of 2020

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Everyone always asks in our Mexican wine tastings in Puerto Vallarta how Mexican wines compare to wines from other regions around the world in terms of quality, and if there are any award-winning Mexican wines in International competitions. 

Truth be said, we at Uncork Mexico are not particularly fans of competitions or points systems for wine, and we’re not influenced by those in the selection of wines for our wine shop in Puerto Vallarta. So, what we’ll do is link to the the wines we have available, and give you the direct links to the wineries for wines we don’t carry in the shop.

Competitions are a platform Mexican wineries are using (and excelling at) to get the word out and establish the reputation of Mexican wines in the International wine market. 

Every couple of months we hear about Mexican wines bringing home medals from competitions around the world, so we’ve decided to bring some of them together in one place for you: here are 97 award-winning Mexican wines in 2020! 

Which Wine Competitions Are We Looking At?

international wine competitions

There are many (maybe too many?) international competitions, but for this post we will focus on the following wine competitions which created a lot of buzz in the Mexican wine market this year: 

  1. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 
  2. Concurso Internacional de Vinos Bacchus en España 
  3. Decanter World Wine Awards, 
  4. Concours International des Cabernets
  5. México Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
  6. Concurso Internacional Ensenada Tierra de Vinos 

1. Award Winning Mexican Wines: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is one of the most established wine competitions in the world. 

The competition, now on its 27th edition, happens every September in different major cities around the world. The 2020 edition was held in Brno, Czech Republic between September 4-6th. Over 9000 wines competed, and the judges panel included over 300 wine experts from 50+ different countries. 

Mexico won 59 medals in 2020. 

Grand Gold Medal Winners 

  • Atempo Merlot 2016 – Winery: Decote
  • Pozo de Luna Malbec 2015 – Winery: Pozo de Luna

CMB Gold Medal Winners 

  • Surco Rojo 2014 – Winery: Vinicola Regional de Ensenada
  • Monte Xanic Calixa Blend 2018 – Winery: Monte Xanic
  • Monte Xanic Nebbiolo Edicion Limitada 2017 – Winery: Monte Xanic
  • Centaurus Malbec 2017 – Winery: El Cielo
  • Galileo 2016 – Winery: El Cielo
  • Orion 2015 – Winery: El Cielo
  • Orion 2016 – Winery: El Cielo
  • Capricornius Chardonnay 2017 – Winery: El Cielo
  • The Capital Grille 2015 – Winery: El Cielo
  • Sierra Negra 2016 – Winery: SierraVita
  • Pecus 2016 – Winery: Vinos Santa Clara
  • Hilo Negro Rac 2017 – Winery: Hilo Negro
  • Hilo Negro Escala 2016 – Winery: Hilo Negro
  • Hacienda Florida Ensamble 4 Uvas 2018 – Winery: Hacienda Florida
  • Vinas Viejas 2017 – Winery: Domecq
  • Gran Reserva Malbec 2016 – Winery: Casa Madero
  • Pajaro Azul 2018 – Winery: Guanamé
  • Santos Brujos Tempranillo Edicion Special 2019 – Winery: Viñas del Sol
  • Petit Syrah Reserva Privada 2016 – Winery: L.A. Cetto

CMB Silver Medal Winners 

Mexico won 38 Silver Medals in the 2020 edition for the following wineries: El Cielo (7), Bodegas del Viento (3), Bodegas Decote (3), Casa Madero (2), Monte Xanic (2), Casa Pedro Domecq (2), Vinicola Regional de Ensenada (1), Vinicola Emeve (1), Proyecto Vinicola Mexico (1), Hacienda Florida (1), Vinos Santa Clara (1), Cavas Prudhomme (1), Comercializadora Tribos (1), Viñedos de la Reina (1), Casta de Vinos (1), Vinicola el Aguaje (2), Vinicola la Nuestra (1), Vinaltura (1), L. A. Cetto (1), Primate (1), Bodegas Volcan (1), Pasado Meridiano (1)

Here are the links to the pages of the Grand Gold and Gold medal winning wineries for more info: De cote, Pozo de Luna, Vinicola Regional de Ensenada, Monte Xanic, El Cielo, SierraVita, Vinos Santa Clara, Hilo Negro, Hacienda Florida, Pedro Domecq, Casa Madero, Guanamé, Viñas del Sol, L.A.Cetto

Fun note: the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles opened a  swanky wine bar in México City in 2020 with an extensive wine list and beautiful interior. Click here to find out more details about that and other amazing wine bars in México.

wine bar mexico city
wine bar mexico city

2. Award Winning Mexican Wines: Concurso Internacional de Vinos Bacchus en España

award-winning mexican wines bacchus 2020

The last edition of the “Bacchus” had 1,500+ wines competing and more than 100 international and Spanish tasters. The names of the 100+ judges are not available, but they vouch to bring in “a world-class panel of professional judges that includes winemakers, Masters of Wine, Masters of Sommelier and specialist journalists.

This wine competition organized by the Unión Española de Catadores happens every March in Spain, and is recognized/endorsed by the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), Vinofed and the Gobierno de España. 

Mexico had 13 award-winning wines in the 2020 edition. The wineries with most awards were Casa Madero and Monte Xanic.

Gran Bacchus de Oro 

  • Monte Xanic Gran Ricardo 2017 – Winery: Monte Xanic 

Bacchus de Oro

  • Bodega los Cedros Malbec 2017 – Winery: Bodega los Cedros 
  • Puerta de Lobo Tío Neto 2018 – Winery: Puerta de Lobo 
  • Monte Xanic Selección 2017 – Winery: Monte Xanic 
  • Monte Xanic Calixa Blend 2018 – Winery: Monte Xanic 
  • Casa Madero Shiraz 2018 – Winery: Casa Madero 
  • Casa Madero Gran Reserva Malbec 2016 – Winery: Casa Madero 
  • Casa Madero Gran Reserva Shiraz 2016 – Winery: Casa Madero 

Bacchus de Plata 

Mexico won 5 silver medals, for the following wineries: Casta de Vinos (2), San Juanito (1), Tres Raíces (1), Casa Madero (1).

Add This Award-Winning Mexican Wine to Your Cellar Today

We don’t carry the wines from some of the award-winning Mexican wineries in our shop. Here are the links to the winery for more info: Monte Xanic, Casa Madero, Casta de Vinos, San Juanito, Tres Raíces

3. Award-Winning Mexican Wines: Concours International des Cabernets

This international wine award is smaller than the ones above, but it’s definitely the one that created the most buzz in Mexico.

The Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 produced by the Mexican winery Viñedos don Léo was awarded the trophy of “Best Cabernet Sauvignon in the World in 2020.”

The Concours International de Cabernet, which is held in France every April, is organized by “Armonia” and recognized by The Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF) and by the DGCCRF (part of the French Ministry of the economy and finances). It’s not clear how many wines were competing in 2020, but in 2019 the competition had over 200 wines tasted by 20+ judges from the Union de la Sommellerie Française. 

Mexico had 2 award-winning wines in the 2020 edition.

Best Cabernet Sauvignon in the World 

  • Don Léo Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 

Gold Medal Winners

  • Don Léo Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 – Winery: Viñedos Don Léo
  • Don Léo Cabernet Shiraz 2016 – Winery: Viñedos Don Léo

The Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 was already nearly sold out everywhere in México when the results were released, but the Cabernet Shiraz 2016 is still available. Make sure you follow us on facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to get an update once the next vintage of Cab Sauvignon is available.

Add This Award-Winning Mexican Wine to Your Cellar Today

4. Award-Winning Mexican Wines: Decanter Wine World Awards (DWWA)

decanter world wine awards

The Decanter World Wine Awards 2020 will be the 17th edition of this competition. It’s hosted and organized by Decanter Magazine every August, and has thousands of competing wines every year. 

The 2020 competition had over 16,500 wines from 56 different countries. The judging panel had 117 expert wine judges, including 37 Masters of Wine and 9 Master Sommeliers. The judges award medals in the following categories: Best in Show, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Commended. 

The 2020 results will be released on September 22nd. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and like us on Facebook to receive an update once the results have been released. 

Meanwhile, check out the 23 award-winning Mexican wines in the 2019 edition below. 

Decanter Gold Medals

  • Casa Madero Gran Reserva Malbec 2015 – Winery: Casa Madero 
  • Tierra de Angeles Nebbiolo 2016 – Winery: Vega Manchón

Decanter Silver Medals

  • Casa Madero Merlot 2017 – Winery: Casa Madero 
  • Cuna de Tierra Nebbiolo 2017 – Winery: Cuna de Tierra
  • Guanamé Malbec 2017 – Winery: Guanamé
  • Guanamé Syrah 2017 – Winery: Guanamé 
  • Don Léo Linde Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot 2014 – Winery: Viñedos don Léo 

Decanter Bronze Medals

Mexico won 16 Bronze medals in 2019 for the following wineries: Casa Madero (7), Cuna de Tierra (3), Tres Raíces (1), Vega Manchon (2), Viña Doña Dolores (1), Viñedos don Léo (2).

We don’t carry some of the 2019 award-winning Mexican wineries in our shop. Here are the links to the wineries for more info: Casa Madero, Cuna de Tierra Vinos Guanamé, Viña Doña Dolores, Tres Raíces

5. México Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Este 2020, la cuarta edición del México Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles llega a... ¡Chihuahua!

Este 2020, la cuarta edición del México Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles llega a... ¡Chihuahua! 🍇🍷

Posted by México Selection by CMB on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Mexico Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles judging panel is composed of members of the industry, including buyers and international shippers, oenologist, research scientists and winemakers and distillers, journalists, wine writers and specialist critics and representatives of marketing boards and growers’ organizations. 

This wine and spirits competition is hosted every September in different cities of México, and has the goal of highlighting the characteristics of Mexican wines, per wine region, in Mexico and overseas.

The 2020 edition was planned for September in Chihuahua, however it’s been postponed to February 2021 due to the pandemic. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates once the results are published.

6. Concurso Internacional Ensenada Tierra de Vinos

This International wine competition is organized in Baja California by the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California every May since 2007. 

It’s an event that brings together the wine community in Mexico, and in which a lot of smaller wineries that don’t send their labels to competitions overseas get to participate.

This event makes UABC the only university in the world responsible for organizing and hosting an international wine competition. 

Over the years, wine labels from local and national wineries have participated, including those from Baja California, Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Querétaro and Zacatecas. In the international arena, wine samples from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Bolivia, Bulgaria and South Africa, among others, have competed.

The 2020 edition had to be postponed to a later date (still to be announced) due to the pandemic, but you can check out the 48 award-winning Mexican wines here

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