Life is too short for Bad Wine


What we do

We love wines. Wines that tell a story, make you close your eyes and travel (sometimes across oceans) with every sip.

We started Uncork Mexico to share our passion. After months of trying most of the wines available in Mexico, we ended with the 54 wines on our list. Wines that are nothing short of stunning. We are excited to share them with you.

Who we are

UNCORK MEXICO is the brain-child of Natalia and Vanusa, two friends from Guadalajara, Mexico and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (respectively), who packed up their lives in New York city and moved to Vallarta in search of new challenges – and better weather.

Vanusa grew up in Brazil, and lived in the US for the past ten years. She worked at Italian restaurants in Florida and New York before transitioning to marketing and operations roles in startup companies in NYC. She has traveled most of the US, South America and Europe learning about and trying new wines.

Natalia grew up between Guadalajara and the west coast of the United States. She earned her architecture degree from ITESM and moved to New York where she worked as an architect for the past 10 years. Natalia’s passion for travel and exploring new cultures brought her into the world of wine.

Vanusa by the beach
Natalia by the beach